Thala Ajith’s awesome reaction to fans who waited full night for him

The second look notice of Thala Ajith which had him in a lovable posture of riding sans hands on a slug bicycle was the most discussed occasion in the previous twenty four hours via web-based networking media. A colleague of ‘Viswasam’ shared a contacting occurrence that happened a couple of days back at the AVM naming studio.

Thala Ajith purportedly went constant medium-term to complete off his segment of the naming for ‘Viswasam’. His no-nonsense fans who had gotten twist of their deity inside the AVM premises sat tight outside the entryway for a few hours to get an impression. It was early morning when Thala completed his work and as his auto left the premises the holding up fans began running behind. Seeing them Ajith ceased the auto and exited however solidly passed on to them that he was not glad that they held up entire night dismissing their rest and their families. The mass saint exhorted them never to rehash this in their lives and left in the wake of posturing for a gathering selfie. Unnecessary to include that for the umpteenth time everybody who saw the scene was stunned by the straightforwardness and minding way of Thala.


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